A few Movies I’ve seen

Well my time of unemployment in San Francisco Has left me with some movie watching time. I think I’ve seen almost every new release since April. So I think I’ll give my thoughts on movies. Keep in mind that I am just an average guy who watches movies for fun, and I have not been trained to watch a movie critically and comment on it. That being said, here are my thoughts on some of the recent releases:

Dukes of Hazzard
YAWN. Now I knew as I was going to watch this movie that it was not going to have much of a plot. There are several groups who are boycotting the movie for various reasons. I showed up at the theater about 15 minutes early on a Saturday matinee, and expected a large crowd in the theater given the buzz. To my surprise the huge theater was practically empty. The movie started, and quickly stalled. Now I am very easily amused (hey CD’s are shiny!), but the Dukes had me staring at the details of the theater. Even the appearance of Jessica Simpson as Daisy did nothing to help. There were a couple of good jokes which I think I was the only one laughing (“you could not fix an election even if your brother was governor of Florida”). And quite frankly the car chase scenes were blah. I was more than happy to see the movie end, and it finally got a bit funnier with the credits rolling with a few outtakes.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie, but in a fit of boredom, and its time at the top of the box office, I cracked and watched it. As stated, I am easily amused, and this goes for kids movies as well. I have fun watching animated movies and some other kid-friendly movies. I had mixed feelings in watching this movie. I left the film not knowing if I liked it or not. Certainly the special effects were amazing and all, but somehow the characters just didn’t fit. Johnny Depp is a great actor with some great past roles, but this one was a bit too much out in left field for my taste.

Sky High
Now this movie got the short end of the stick. It had to compete with Charlie, which was still going strong, and it stumbled. I thought the movie was clever and funny. The focus of the story is on Will Stronghold, son of two of the most powerful super-heros in the world. He is about to start high school at his parents’ alma mater. Will is worried since his super powers have not yet developed. There are some clever messages in the movie about equality and friendship.

The Island
Now this ticks me off. The movie was declared a flop after its first weekend. Well the reason it “flopped” was because movie theaters did not give it a chance. Here in San Francisco when a big movie comes out theaters usually devote 2-4 screens to satiate the demand. I was hard pressed to find a theater and time to see the movie. So it was not a big surprise to me when the numbers for the box office were low. The plot is about two clones of famous people escape their fantasy world and try to exist and survive in the real world. There is a lot of action to cater to the adrenaline junkies out there.

There are a ton of other movies I’ve seen which I’ll try to recap later on…