…when last we left our hero

Gadzooks, it has almost been a year, and a lot has happened. I have decided to re-kindle the blog to document my new happenings. Let’s see, where should I start? 😕 After coming home from Down Under I felt it was time for me to make a change. I had been feeling a bit dissatisfied and restless at my job, so after a lot of deliberation I decided it was time to move on. So at the end of February I left my old job. Since it was only my internal needs to move on, my bosses understood my desire and we left on good terms. Which has turned out to be a good thing, since I still do some freelance work for them. 🙂

In March I took a mini-vacation to Cancun. There I had a blast at Club Med and learned how to fly. Having been bitten a bit by the adrenaline bug in New Zealand by jumping off bridges and buildings, I tried the flying trapeze. Surprisingly it is a lot easier than it looks and a lot of fun. Oh, and I do have a mini photo gallery of the trip 😎

In April I made a larger jump and moved to San Francisco in hopes of finding a new job and life. I figured that my technology background and mobility would be an asset in finding a cool job. I knew it would take some time, and a few friends had warned me of some of the challenges, but I was eager to try my hand at the change. Along the way I have met some cool people and have done some nice site seeing. Here are a couple of galleries of those pictures:

All throughout this time I searched the web and pushed my contacts to find that cool job to no avail 🙁 . Well right around the July 4th weekend I got an interesting e-mail. For some time I had kicked around the idea of going to business school. One school, Thunderbird, has always been a top candidate for me since its focus is on International Business, and with my background it seemed to make sense. They sent me an e-mail stating that it was not too late to apply to the Fall semester. So, last month was a mad dash to write essays, get recommendations, study and take the GMAT (the standardized test required for b-school students). Well I finally took the GMAT two Fridays ago, and everything was sent into Thunderbird. All I could do was wait. Well, exactly a week after I took the GMAT (Friday) I got a short e-mail message from Thunderbird. I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED!!!❗ 😯 😀 😆


A little over a year ago I joined a local gym in my town. At the time I was unsure if I would stick to it 😕 . I therefore paid for the whole year in advance and signed up for 24 personal training sessions. I figured that if I invested a lot of money into my well being I would make sure that I would not let the money go to waste:idea:. By having the personal trainer I also force myself into a schedule and routine that would ensure my continued gym-going activities. My ploy worked. In fact, I have been re-upping my training sessions since then. So far I have lost about 20lbs, and gained a bunch of muscle. 😀 This is a huge accomplishment since I had never been a very active person. It had really been high school back in 1994 when I did my last sporting activity (skiing).

What is the real morale booster has been the past month. Just about everyone I know has started to say how thin I look. I never really believed that I would become a gym fiend, but I do find myself going to the gym about 5 times a week (2 days of training sessions, 3 days of cardio). The encouragement I get from friends and family really helped me get onto the the right track and I thank you all 😆

It does take time, for several months I did not see a difference in my clothing, but now that my clothes are a lot looser, boy the payoffs are great. My self esteem is skyrocketing and I feel great. (did I mention I feel great :wink:)