Wait a tic.. your where now?

So apparently a lot of my friends are surprised to find that I am now in Singapore. Though I did my best to tell people where I would be, and the reasons behind it, I am still getting emails and facebook messages of astonished acquaintances of my current location. So, in brief here are my reasons for coming over to the Far East. Although I graduated from a well known grad school with an MBA, it has been a challenge to find a decent position where I believe I can excel. I have been doing some side consulting, but nothing had really sparked or panned out in the time of my search. Also, my girlfriend of two years lives and works in Thailand, which has made this a very very long distance relationship. Singapore is a hub for business, and they are actively looking for people to move and work in the country. This, compared to the US, where it seems every day there is new and depressing warnings of the job market. With all that in mind I decided to give Singapore a bigger try. I dabbled with a small job hunt in April, and made some good contacts. The city/state is very modern and efficient. I left New York on September 17th, and arrived very early on the 19th. Moved into a serviced apartment, and have tried to get settled. So far so good