Nick Nack

So here I am in Thailand again.  :-D  So far I have spent the time in Phuket, touring some fantastic beaches (including Maya beach as seen in the movie “The Beach”), and some amazing islands, including a famous one seen in the movie “Man with the Golden Gun”.  This region has some incomprehensible islands that defy physics.  Ridiculously small bases in the water hold up large mountains.  I’ll try to post pics as soon as I can get access on my laptop.  Next up for me is Krabi where I think we’ll do some diving. 

Careful Elephants

Well, I am now in Malaysia, with my first opportunity to get online. Let’s see, what have I done? It has been a huge blur. I flew into Bangkok, and met my very good friend S who brought me to my hotel for the eveneing. The next day S and I flew to Koh Samui, an island in the south of Thailand, to do some beach bumming. There we did some Elephant trekking and some snorkeling. Absolutely gorgeous island. S, a native Thai, made sure to introduce me to all sorts of Thai delicacies, which I can barely remember the names of. Afterwards, we were lucky enough to fly to Siem Reap in Cambodia to see the Angkor temple complex. There we saw jaw-droppingly amazing temples and ruins. These have survived as long as from the 9th century. Take a look at my mini gallery in the previous post for some samples of the places I’ve seen.

More later folks!!


Asia Redux

Well for these couple of weeks of May I have decided to go back to Asia and visit some friends. So here I am back in Singapore waiting for my flight to take me to Thailand to see my very good friend Sandy :wink. I had a direct flight from Newark to Singapore which took a grueling 18+ hours of travel. Fortunately I flew on Singapore Airlines, which has fantastic customer service. Anything in the US pales in comparison. So I am a bit jet-lagged, but looking forward to the adventures to come! YAY:!: :mrgreen: